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Car Rental in Tehran

You don’t need to make a phone call to rent a car in Tehran and other Rent Auto branches, you can reserve the car you want completely online and wait for our experts to call you in less than 1 hour on business days. Also, please read frequently asked questions at the end of the page before booking a car online.

Car rental insurance terms and conditions

All cars of Rent Auto car rental company have full body and third car insurance coverage. In case of any accident, the person renting the car is responsible for paying only the insurance deductible. Also, Rent Auto has provided special conditions in cooperation with car rental insurances. By paying the cost of CWD insurance, you can enjoy full car rental coverage.

Car reservation procedures

To reserve a car from the Rent Auto website; Your hand is very open. So that you can based on the type of brand or the style of the car. Rent the car you want on a daily, weekly or monthly basis. For this, just click on one of the car brands or car styles based on your needs and interests. Then from the list of cars presented; Click on the car you want.After entering the car page, a calendar is placed inside the page that shows the availability of the car. Complete the form related to your specifications along with the date of delivery and return, the relevant place, etc. So that your car can be reserved for you at the desired time. Please note that your reservation will be finalized in less than 30 minutes. After confirming the car rental location, choose car rental at Imam airport, car rental at Mehrabad airport or home delivery. What is the advantage of our car rental company?

What is the advantage of our car rental company?

What is the advantage of our car rental company???

The most important achievement of Rent Auto, with more than a decade of experience, is the complete satisfaction of the car rental customer. Our service is the rental of luxury cars and ceremonial cars of high models with low performance.
Another reason is the satisfaction and trust of customers towards Rent Auto and not receiving unjustified guarantees. Having special car rental conditions for employees and companies
Clarification of all the key points of car rental, including the financial responsibilities of the customer and the amount of full insurance coverage

Why rent a car without a driver?!

Nowadays, it is used for various things such as wedding car rental. Rent a luxury car, rent a ceremonial car, rent a car for airport transfer, etc. There is no need to buy a car and pay a lot of money. Rather, Rent Auto car rental company has tried to meet your needs in the easiest way possible by renting all kinds of Iranian and foreign luxury cars. If the purpose of renting a car is to travel or rent a car for sightseeing. You can make the most of car rental services without a driver.

The real price of renting a car without a driver?!

All the rates and prices offered in Rent Auto luxury car rental agency are appropriate and standard. If you choose Rent Auto, you will have nothing to worry about in this regard. Rent Auto also has special discounts for regular customers. It is safe to say that it has the cheapest and of course the highest quality services in the field of car rental. The citizens of Tehran and the city of Amcom can rent a car with easy conditions.But why is the car rental price different in car rental agencies? The most important reason for the difference in the car rental price is the year and model of the foreign car. The second reason is the mileage of the car. In general, the car rental price is related to the daily price of the car. It means that a car that has had an accident is cheaper and less expensive than renting a car. But you should keep in mind that if you plan to rent a car monthly, look for a healthy car rental.

If you are from Tehran city or you are planning to travel to Tehran, you need a vehicle. If you need a car for many reasons, you can use car rental services in Tehran. Rent Auto Institute is ready to offer all kinds of luxury cars to you in the big city of Tehran. You can rent a car in Tehran and experience driving in this big city, in other words, the capital. You can also take advantage of Rent Auto’s special car rental services, including driverless car rental in Tehran, car rental at Imam Airport, car rental at Mehrabad Airport. By renting a car from Rent Auto, you can pick up the rented car anywhere in Tehran. .

Car rental without check and deposit

The conditions and documents required for renting a car are one of the most important questions for car renters. We have tried our best to provide our customers with very easy conditions for renting a car. We have even collected the conditions of car rental without check and car rental without documents for our customers. Our effort is to create car rental conditions for all citizens. You can contact our experts in the support department of Rent Auto Institute. According to your conditions, they will offer you the necessary and required documents for renting a car. Rent Auto has a great contribution in the car rental industry considering the easy conditions of renting a car. Finally, to know about the conditions of renting a car without documents. And check click here…!!!

The use and advantages of renting a car in Tehran, Dubai and Istanbul

Among the uses, we can mention renting a car for traveling and renting a car for business appointments. Those who are planning to travel to Dubai or Turkey. You probably have a situation where you feel the need for a car without a driver. You may even plan to travel as a group with your family or relatives. Due to the lack of personal vehicles, you will want to have a driverless car at your disposal. Your personal car may even be unusable due to technical defects and… And at the time of its repair, plan to rent a car in Tehran.Your personal car may even be unusable due to technical defects and… And at the time of its repair, plan to rent a car in Tehran. Finally, maybe you have bought a new car for yourself, but you haven’t received it yet. Our offer to rent a car, or rent a car without a driver, can solve your problems.

delivery at your location

Rent Auto car rental delivers the car you want to the place you want in the shortest possible time

Free reservation

You can easily buy the car you want without paying any fees

Book a call

سلامت فنی و بدنه

اجاره ماشین رنت اتو از لحاظ سلامت فنی و بدنه، اتومبیل های خود را هنگام اجاره ضمانت میکند.

Rent Auto car rental services

Without any doubt, the high price of luxury cars and the high cost of maintenance is one of the most important reasons for the decrease in the use of private cars. Although you need a private car to do your daily and personal work, Rent Auto car rental in Tehran and luxury car rental in other countries Iranian cities are the best choice for you to benefit from having a luxury car for your travel or business appointments. Renting a car in Tehran gives you this point so that you can benefit from Rent Auto’s car rental traffic plan without being fined. One of the advantages of Rent Auto is to benefit from the traffic plan, high-speed Internet, and child seats if needed. Spend your trips more safely and comfortably with Rent Auto.

Everything about car rental in Tehran

In this article, we will review car rental in Tehran and we will review the price, conditions and all aspects. This research is trying to carefully investigate why people in Tehran have turned to renting a car instead of buying it and how this decision has wide-ranging effects on the structure of urban transportation as well as the needs and expectations of society.

The use of rental cars as one of the popular means of transportation in big cities, especially Tehran, has been expanding and taking new developments in recent decades. This phenomenon not only shows the changes in society’s attitude towards transportation issues, but also shows the changing needs of people in facing urban challenges. In this regard, the car rental market in Tehran is being formed as a dynamic and booming industry that has created a wide impact on the thoughts and habits of the society and also faces its own challenges and obstacles.

Conditions for renting a car in Tehran without a driver. Information about renting a car in Tehran without a driver for people living in Iran

For people living in Iran:

1. Providing a driver’s license

2. Provide a valid ID card

3. Providing a document that shows the occupation of the car renter

4. Cash guarantee deposit

5. Fishery check or promissory note

For people living abroad:

1. International driving license or license of the country of residence

2. Cash deposit

3. Providing a copy of the passport for renting economy cars

4. Providing the original passport for renting luxury cars

For tourists:

1. Presentation of passport image

2. ID card and international certificate

In each of the above cases, it is important to pay attention to the relevant laws and regulations, as well as the points of the car renter. To ensure the exact conditions, it is recommended to contact the car rental service provider in question and get the most up-to-date information.

Let your city help you.

Conditions for renting a car in Tehran with a driver

They can have the cars they want without any responsibility with an experienced driver familiar with formalities. We have always been able to satisfy our customers by presenting an official contract.

Rental cars with a driver can be rented by the hour or by the day. To reserve a car with a driver, you can contact our experts in the sales department or communicate via WhatsApp

the guardian

Car rental price in Tehran

The price of renting a car in Tehran depends on various factors, including the type of car, rental period and mileage limit. In general, the price of renting a car in Tehran is as follows:

* Economy cars: 750 to 1200 Tomans per day

* Semi-economic cars: 1300 to 1500 Tomans per day

* Medium cars: 2000 to 3500 Tomans per day

* SUVs: 2500 to 4000 Tomans per day

* Luxury cars: 4000 to 14000 Tomans per day

For example, the price of renting a Peugeot 206 type 2 car for one day in Tehran is around 1000 Tomans. The price of renting a Lexus LX570 car for one day in Tehran is around 14,000 Tomans. Also, some car rental companies offer discounts for longer rental periods. For example, a car rental company may offer a discount of 500 Tomans for renting a Peugeot 206 Type 2 car for a week.

1. Original and copy of driver’s license valid for at least six months.
2. Original and copy of national card.
3. Any document that shows your job and place of employment.
4. To rent Iranian cars, provide a promissory note equal to the amount of the car.
5. For luxury car rentals, provide a check equal to the amount of the car.
Cash deposit and guarantee, which will be different according to the car model (this amount will be returned to you after the safe return of the car). Make sure that the documents provided are valid for at least six months.

Required documents for renting a car in Tehran, people living abroad

1. Copy of international driver’s license or driver’s license of the country of residence.

2. Passport copy.

3. If you request to pick up the car at the airport, you must present your return ticket.

4. Cash deposit and guarantee, which will be different according to the car model.

For luxury car rental, original passport is required, while for domestic cars, only passport copy is sufficient.

TLuxury car rental in Tehranitle

Renting luxury cars in Tehran is a growing trend made possible by increased competition in the car rental industry. This increase in competition allows customers to rent a luxury car at an affordable cost and experience the thrill of driving a high-end car without paying a high price.

One of the main advantages of this trend is the wider choice of luxury cars. It allows customers to rent a luxury car for a short period of time or even a few hours, from a wide range of brands and models, including sports, sedans and SUVs.

Another advantage of cheap luxury car rental is the cost-effective use of this service to impress clients or hold special celebrations. Renting a luxury car can help a business owner or employee make a better impression on their customers or colleagues. Also, on special occasions such as weddings, birthdays or anniversaries, renting a luxury car can add elegance and beauty to the event.

Wedding car rental in Tehran

Holding a wedding ceremony is considered, and some of the importance of renting a wedding car are as follows:

1. Holding a dignified ceremony: brides and grooms always do their best to hold a dignified and cheerful ceremony on their wedding night. Renting a bridal car, as an important element in this ceremony, allows them to experience beautiful and memorable moments with a stylish and luxurious car.

2. The prosperity of the wedding night: luxury cars, as a symbol of prosperity and freshness, give a special color and smell to the wedding night. Renting a wedding car allows the bride and groom to choose the desired model and color due to the beauty and variety of these cars.

3. Stylish and luxurious: Renting a luxury car without a driver or with a driver allows the bride and groom to experience amazing moments with the presence of a stylish and luxurious car.

4. The beginning of a new life: The wedding night represents the beginning of a new life. Using a luxury car on this night is a symbol of the beginning of a new and successful life.

Renting a bride’s car, according to these cases, is known as an important service in holding a wedding ceremony in Iran.

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